Blowfish networks

Pyramid showing a complex and hierarchical organizational structure


Business organizations or public bodies can take on large dimensions and have very complex structures for which the compartmentalization of information is often required. This means that work groups, offices, divisions, ... manage protocols and information" that others at their level do not know or cannot access. In these cases, managers of hierarchically organized higher levels or authorized individuals have the ability to access certain protocols or information. In this regard, Blowfish, through its networks, allows the subdivision of the company structure into a series of dedicated applications with possible language and location of the server appropriately configured so that at each level the members of a same app cannot communicate with anyone who does not have to use the information in their possession. To communicate between the various levels, appropriate apps are created whose members are authorized to manage and disclose certain data. By keeping the number of members of each group small, the possibility of news leaks is significantly reduced and it is possible to track down any spies.

The creation of  Blowfish networks is possible through the dealers and the price can vary considerably according to the size of the network and its segmentation. There is no official price list for networks and the price is calculated by each developer depending on the work required. However, you can request a rough estimate on our website by clicking on this link.

The creation of Blowfish networks is possible through Dealers and the price may vary according to the size of the network, its segmentation and the nationality of the servers chosen. Write to us and we will show you who can best assist you, near you, in solving your problems.

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