Who is it for?

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Blowfish is particularly suitable for the following categories:

Government members: they need absolute privacy on their internal communications and in international relations. Government espionage is the most widespread and dangerous for foreign relations.

Political: political decisions and the stability of a country's institutions condition its economic, financial and employment development. The increasingly frequent scandals due to leaks of news, often confidential, ruin the careers of politicians and the stability of governments.

Security services: investigations on citizens belonging to categories at risk and on spies belonging to other countries or other macro areas of the planet require extreme secrecy and security.

Military companies: they deal with information on products and services of a confidential nature whose disclosure could compromise entire democratic systems or political areas of the planet.

Judiciary: leaks in investigations are increasingly frequent, especially because today we rely on unsafe messaging applications. Dismissing an investigation for some rude messages is as simple as intercepting a magistrate and knowing in advance what moves he will make.

Law enforcement agencies: giving secure and secret orders on the territory to its agents, having rapid and effective actions would be at least appropriate and desirable. Often this is not the case and clear communication is the main problem.

Large corporations: business is highly dependent on leaking or wiretapping news. New projects, commercial strategies, product development must be treated with great caution. The competition often uses illegal means to steal secret information and find elements that can bring a lot of profits to the detriment of those who have lawfully developed a product.

Companies with a high technological content: innovation is always faster especially in the field of information technology and technology in general. High value-added projects, innovative software or technologies are among the most sought after in the illegal market, and hackers, Trojans or spyware are getting cheaper.

Various organizations: of various nature, size and geographical spread that need security in communication with their distributors, resellers, partners, associates, employees or collaborators.

Blowfish, the safe choice.

We protect yours privacy from spyware, trojans and interferences.

Communicate freely!

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