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Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal DON'T really CARE about the security of your communications. These apps have been designed and created so that YOU can be profiled and spied on. Whatsapp uses your data for commercial purposes. Obviously, those who provide free apps must be able to cover the costs in some way. This is not always as clear as in the case of Telegram and Signal.

Blowfish costs a few euros and guarantees maximum transparency on its purposes: "YOUR SAFETY!" also achieved through these features.

End to end crypting: we encrypt your messages, while sending, receiving and staying on your smartphone. The text of the chats in the Blowfish database on the smartphone is not accessible.

File encryption: We encrypt all files you send or receive such as images, videos, audio files or voice messages. Even if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands, no one will be able to access your content. Can you say the same thing about Whatsapp and Telegram? Obviously not.

We detect Trojans and spyware: thanks to a unique and innovative technology we are able to understand if someone has stealthily installed unwanted software on your smartphone. We warn you and allow you to uninstall the app that can harm you.

Blowfish, the safe choice.

We protect yours privacy from spyware, trojans and interferences.

Communicate freely!

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