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Blowfish was created to give you what you really want: "The security of your communications and the total privacy of your content". We have achieved this by working hard but now true privacy is a reality. In addition to a revolutionary software we are also able to intervene on your bad habits that lead you to assume wrong behaviors for yourself and for your interlocutors. Blowfish protects you from misconduct that would allow you to fall into the traps of cyber pirates.

You will no longer be intercepted: if you do not want to let them know where you are, who you call or what you say and in any case communicate with your interlocutors, now you will no longer have to worry about imaginative strategies and absurd behaviors, Blowfish allows you to move freely. This feature affects your lifestyle habits, so request it ONLY if you are truly convinced.

App suspension: if you suspect that you are being intercepted or you have detected a Trojan on your phone, you can temporarily or permanently suspend the communications of all your interlocutors with a simple click. No one like that will be at risk from unwanted apps or compromising communications.

Blowfish, the safe choice.

We protect yours privacy from spyware, trojans and interferences.

Communicate freely!

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