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Blowfish was created to give you what no one wants you to have, communication security and total privacy in your private life and at work. To achieve this we had to intervene even on your bad habits which lead you to engage in harmful behavior for yourself and for your interlocutors. Blowfish offers tools to avoid putting the confidentiality of your communications at risk.

End to end encryption: we encrypt your messages, while sending, receiving and staying on your smartphone. The text of the chats in the Blowfish database on the smartphone is not accessible.

File encryption: We encrypt all files you send or receive such as images, videos, audio files or voice messages. Even if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands, no one will be able to access your content. Can you say the same thing about Whatsapp and Telegram? Obviously not.

We detect Trojans and spyware: thanks to a unique and innovative technology, which analyzes the behavior of the apps installed on your smartphone, we are able to understand if someone has stealthily installed unwanted software on your smartphone. We warn you and allow you to uninstall the app that can harm you.

Tunnel apps: We detect tunnel apps, which are commonly used apps that allow the covert installation of spyware targeted at users selected by phone number or other criteria.

Anti-phishing: losing your password will no longer be a problem. Everyone is terrified of losing their account and that someone can access their profile knowing the password. This will no longer be a problem using Blowfish. You can shout your password out loud, but no one will access our data.

We inhibit the functioning of malware: if your competitor, your opponent, a suspect or an amateur or professional hacker tries to steal data from your smartphone or tablet, we prevent this from happening by inhibiting the functioning of apps that can harm you.

Ghost messages: Ghost messages can be read by both those who send them and those who receive them only once, then they disappear from the chats. This text, audio, image and video content will be completely private and no one will be able to reuse it in any way.

Anonymous account: Blowfish creates an account based on email instead of phone number and can work without a SIM. The email can be anonymous and created for the wasteful use of the app. Don't worry anymore about imaginative strategies and absurd behaviors to protect your private life or your work.

Automatic message translation: Blowfish automatically translates messages into the recipient's language. Save time and eliminate unnecessary costs with foreign contacts. Don't worry about knowing languages, we'll take care of you and your business.

Block the app: if you suspect that your privacy is being violated or you have late detected a trojan on your phone, you can temporarily or permanently suspend communications from all your interlocutors with a simple click. So no one will be at risk from unwanted apps or for communications of a sensitive nature.

The data is on a server in a country of your choice: YOU choose the country in which you want your chats, images or videos to be temporarily managed.

We create your app with the features you choose such as the location of the servers and the basic features you configure. You will receive an email with all the step by step instructions to install it directly on your smartphone. No one will be able to access the server where your information resides because we know this ONLY and no one else.

Blowfish, the safe choice.

We protect yours privacy from spyware, trojans and interferences.

Communicate freely!

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Our support hotline is available 9 hours a day.

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